Seven lessons from seven years at Electric Cloud

We wrapped up the 2009 Electric Cloud Customer Summit a couple weeks ago. Like last year, I left refreshed and reinvigorated after hearing so many customers’ stories. Comments like, “Developer builds are now measured in seconds [with Accelerator]. Nobody does local builds anymore,” and, “ElectricAccelerator will give you better performance than you deserve,” really make me feel like all the hard work is worthwhile. But one of my favorite takeaways from the summit was this picture:

From left: Eric Melski, Usman Muzaffar, Sven Delmas, Scott Stanton

That’s the original engineering team at Electric Cloud, still together after more than seven years. It’s unusual to catch us all together in one spot like this though, since we have much different roles at the company now: I’m an Architect; Usman is VP of Product Management; Sven is Director of Engineering; and Scott is the Chief Architect.

When I saw this picture I wondered if I could find a similar shot from sometime in Electric Cloud’s history. Lucky for me we’ve always had a few shutter bugs at the company, so I had a few to choose from.
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