On the Proper Setup of a Virtual Build Infrastructure Part 2

In this post I will get into some additional findings from our deployment and also tie all our findings into the deployment of ElectricAccelerator in a virtual environment.

You can find part one of this article here.

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On the Proper Setup of a Virtual Build Infrastructure Part 1

At Electric Cloud, we’ve identified some best practices as we have gone through the set up of a virtual infrastructure to support our own engineering needs. If you’ve already gone through this exercise, the following may seem trivial. Or perhaps you have other nuggets of wisdom to share. (If so, please do!) Either way, I hope these tips will improve the experience of setting up a virtual build infrastructure.

As a first step toward success, establish reasonable goals for what can/should be done in a virtual environment. Also, make sure you have a rollout plan that allows for proper testing (both functional and performance).

In this part I will describe what we have and what we learned from our deployment. The second part will wrap up some additional findings and relate the findings to our ElectricAccelerator product.

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ElectricAccelerator vs. distcc: samba reloaded

ElectricAccelerator vs distcc – samba reloaded

In an earlier post I compared the performance of ElectricAcclerator and distcc by building samba using each tool in turn on the same cluster. In that test I found that Accelerator bested distcc at suitably high levels of parallelism, but that distcc narrowly beat Accelerator at lower levels of parallelism. At the time I chalked the difference up to slightly higher overhead associated with Accelerator. But you must have known I couldn’t just leave it at that. I had to know where the overhead was coming from, and eliminate it, if possible. The exciting conclusion is after the break.
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Public Clouds

Today we announced integrations and compatibility with public cloud computing – specifically Amazon EC2. Cloud computing is a hot topic right now, and rightly so. It provides an easy to deploy, cost-effective, scalable, on-demand computing infrastructure –very timely, given shrinking or frozen IT budgets. I can’t count the number of customers who tell me that compute infrastructure is their #1 bottleneck. At Electric Cloud we have years of experience with internal or “private” clouds (after all, it’s in our name). We help customers set up private clouds, some with hundreds of machines, to accelerate and automate their software build and test tasks. It made sense for us to add public clouds to the mix. You can read the press release here.

Our customers gave us some interesting use cases for using our products in combination with the public cloud. Here are some of their ideas:
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When is Open Source not Enough?

I recently contributed an article to CM Crossroads on when (or whether) to upgrade from an open source Continuous Integration (CI) system to a fully automated enterprise system.  It’s a question we get a lot.  To help our customers assess their needs, I always start by asking these seven questions: Read the rest of this entry »