A report from the frontlines

Saw this message come in to our support list a few days ago:

Our company has recently begun to use ElectricAccelerator, and the user community is 
quite happy with the improved build performance.  Frankly, I'm astonished at the speeds 
we're seeing.

Awesome. That is all.

ElectricAccelerator vs. distcc, round 2: MySQL

Previously we have compared the performance of ElectricAccelerator and distcc when building the Linux 2.6 kernel. In what I hope will be the first of several followups, I will repeat the experiment with different software packages, to determine whether that result was a one-off, or whether ElectricAccelerator really is consistently better performing than distcc. In this round, we’ll be building MySQL, a popular free-for-non-commercial-use database server.
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