Building Linux 2.6 with ElectricAccelerator and distcc

There are lots of different parallel, distributed build systems in the world besides ElectricAccelerator. In this post, I’m going to share my recent experience with one popular alternative, GNU make combined with distcc.
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ElectricMake Temporary Directory Settings

This post was originally included as part of the 2008 Customer Summit presentation on ElectricAcclerator Performance Tuning

In some earlier posts, we’ve looked at some of the performance metrics that ElectricAccelerator agents collect and how you can use that information to understand the performance of your build. In this post, we’ll start to explore the performance metrics collected by ElectricMake itself. In particular, we’ll look at the metrics related to the emake’s temporary directories, how you can identify situations in which your settings are suboptimal, and how you can address the problem to improve build performance.

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